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Welcome to choose Nakayama Tokurima shower room products, thank you for your support and love for de rima! In line with the following conditions, we will work together with you for common development, common progress, create brilliant!
1. request intention franchisee area is Nakayama Tokurima shower room brand blank area
2., the intention of the franchisee's store location must be the local high-grade building materials market, and through the people, through the road, Che tong.
3. requirements of the franchisee's sample display area: monopoly area of 40 square meters above; exclusive store for more than 60 square meters. Shower room product sample minimum standard is 16 sets.
4. request the intention franchisee to determine our brand, the same store can not operate similar products of other brands of shower room.
5. request the intention franchisee, monopoly area or store can be decorated according to our standard style.
6., the intention of the franchisee to local building materials market keen sense, has a perfect brand promotion and marketing ideas.
7., the intention of franchisees must have professional after-sales service team and shopping guide team, and there is a certain incentive mechanism for employees.

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